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Essential Ingredients For Summer Grilling Season

Read some great grilling tips on our website

Prime BBQ season is here and in order to make sure our Emerald Desert RV Resort guests are getting the most out of their cookouts, we are offering up the following list of “must have” ingredients courtesy of grill master Clint Cantwell of Grillocracy.com. Salts Every good cook knows they…

Emerald Desert RV Resort shines as an RV group & Rally retreat destination

Emerald Desert RV Resort

As any RVer can attest to, one of the most rewarding elements of life on the road is the collection of close friends you make along the way. But instead of hoping for a chance reunion during your future travels, why not take advantage of Emerald Desert’s ability to help…

Palm Desert-area Events And Entertainment Flourish This Spring

Joshua Tree National Park at Sunset, USA

With countless activities and amenities available on-site, there is rarely a dull moment at Emerald Desert RV Resort in the heart of Palm Desert, CA.  Travel outside of the resort this Spring, and you’ll find countless entertainment and leisure options including those outlined below!

Palm Desert is in full bloom this spring and you will not want to miss it

Be sure to see the desert bloom this spring

For nature lovers, this year’s desert wildflower season promises to be one of the best in recent memory thanks to significant winter rainfall in the region according to Travel + Leisure magazine. “Good rains in both December and January have annual plants germinating in the flower fields north of town,…

Resort Villas Offer Non-RVers Access To The Very Best Of Emerald Desert RV Resort

Southern California has long been a destination of choice for RVers, not only because of its mild year-round temperatures but for its natural beauty and access to a variety of retail, recreational, and cultural activities as well.  At the heart of their travels is Emerald Desert RV Resort, featuring 33…

Music Fans Flock To Emerald Desert This April

The sounds from the speakers and scents of the food mingle in the desert air. Enormous works of art stand tall next to palm trees that sway before the majestic mountains. Blades of grass form a carpet of green where groups of friends meld together to forge memories that last…

Fun upcoming events happening in the Greater Palm Springs Area

Take advantage of all the benefits this summer season has to offer in the Greater Palm Springs area with great rates to all the attractions and no lines! Don’t miss these fun events coming up in the area, book your getaway now and save! 1. Idyllwild Jazz in the Pines…

10 Simple Hacks To Help Elevate Your Bbq & Grilling Game

Summer grilling season is in full swing and to help our Emerald Desert RV Resort guest take their outdoor cooking to a new level, we’re offering up “10 Simple BBQ and Grilling Hacks” as developed by grillmaster Clint Cantwell of Grillocracy.com! 10. Use part of the charcoal bag and Canola…

Top summer attractions for family fun in Palm Desert

Come to Palm Desert for Summer fun

Palm Desert is a family-friendly place where everyone can have fun! Grab your floaties, sunscreen, sneakers, and lots of smiles before you head out to the desert this summer. Below is a list of top family activities in the Greater Palm Springs area: Knott’s Soak City Water Park Beat the…

Discover the Secrets of the California Desert

Come discover the Palm Desert Area

Palm Desert is truly a one-of-a-kind location everyone must experience. Tuсkеd аwау іn thе fоldѕ оf thе Sаn Jасіntо Mоuntаіnѕ аnd fооthіllѕ оf Jоѕhuа Trее Nаtіоnаl Pаrk, nеаrbу, уеt wоrldѕ аwау frоm the сіtу, оnе саn fіnd quiet bеаutу аnd еnсhаntmеnt іn саnуоnѕ thаt wеrе оnсе thе ѕummеr hоmе оf…

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